• Image of Tales of Hot Rod Horror Vol. 2

Tales of Hot Rod Horror is a graphic novel series that is inspired by the likes of Stephen King’s Christine, classic 70s road movies like Duel and Vanishing Point, urban legends and EC horror comics. TOHRH casts a wide net of artists and writers from mainstream animation, 1970s outsider art, serious horror fiction, and alternative comics all with a love of this bizarre subgenre. The newest volumes features Andy Ristaino’s (Adventure Time’s lead character designer) 24 page story “The Tunnel”, Rick Geary’s (A Treasury of Victorian Murder) Cemetery Road. David Quinn (writer of Faust, Dr. Strange and The Littlest Bitch) and Devon Devereaux (artist of Disney’s Haunted Mansion and The Littlest Bitch) create a Twilight Zone-esque tale about a car wash haunted by the ghost of Roy Orbison. James Suhr (lead storyboard artist of Despicable Me and Disney’s Gravity Falls) tells the tale of The Strange Case of Hyde and Seek, an update on the classic Jekyll and Hyde story. Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2 is a 114 page graphic novel, with a painted cover and black and white interior art.