• Image of Tales of Hot Rod Horror Vol. 1

Tales of Hot Rod Horror: Volume 1 is the new book from Cackling Imp Press. It is a graphic novel anthology featuring work By Rick Geary (Victorian Murder Mystery Volumes), David Quinn (Faust), Attaboy (I Hate Cartoons), Devon Devereaux (Graphic Classics), Christopher (The Ghoulie Boys), Andy Ristaino (Life of a Fetus), Adam Gallardo (100 Girls), and many other talented artists and writers. Volume 1 features 14 original stories that have their own unique take on a supernatural Hot Rod theme. The book features a variety of funny, scary and fantastic art. If you dig Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Ed "Daddy" Roth or just cool things in general, then you will dig this book. Tales of Hot Rod Horror: Volume 1 features a full color painted cover by Devon Devereaux and retails for $10.00.